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Welcome to High Interest About Us Page began out of absolute love for cryptocurrencies and the discovery of getting paid compounded interest on my crypto of up to 10% (for the US) and 12% for other countries!

With the dangerous inflation, devaluation of our dollar, uncontrolled debt, and spending throw in a pandemic and shoot – my wealth is at risk!

Your wealth is at risk!


Maybe this sounds familiar:  You were at a party, or perhaps with family at Christmas…

…and your friend or relative begins talking about Bitcoin.  Everyone listens for a bit then says – that’s a scam, it will never happen.

America is the best and strongest in the world.  And, just like that everyone goes about talking about their next iPhone purchase.


…Well, that annoying Bitcoin talking “fool” was probably me.  It’s okay.  We expected nobody to listen right away. ?.

Not to boast, but I have been right for over 10 years.

Bitcoin has earned a compounded average of 200% EVERY year for the last 10 years.

And we’re still Early…for a bit longer.


Now, nearly 10 years later Bitcoin has surpassed the $40,000 mark, institutional interest is growing by the day with leaders like MicroStrategy CEO, Michael Saylor.

I am extremely passionate about helping educate others on the best, safest ways to get involved with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cryptocurrencies on highly reviewed and tested companies (websites).  These companies must pass the SEC-approved test.

My name is Clint and I’m proud to help you on this journey.

Questions?  Reach out at Contact Us page.

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